9" Marble Tree
9" Marble Tree
9" Marble Tree
9" Marble Tree

9" Marble Tree

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Handmade by J Thomas Home for Ava Berry Lane.

Listing is for one 9" Marble Tree.

Minimalist and timeless holiday decor you'll want to keep up all winter long. Marble trees can stand alone or be added to your existing decor to create a unique winter wonderland.

  • Trees cut from 100% genuine Carrara marble
  • Marble is salvaged from remnants at local stone and granite company in Kansas City.
  • Each design is composed of two interlocking pieces. There is a polished front and an unpolished back.


  • Small Tree 6" x 4"
  • Medium Tree 9" x 6"
  • Large Tree 12" x 9"


Marble surfaces are ultra-hard, however some metallic or sharp utensils may cause scratches. The surface has been coated to resist stains, however oils and harsh chemicals may deteriorate surface after prolonged contact. Use warm water and soap with neutral pH to clean spots immediately.

Orders will be filled within 5 days of purchase.  Items ship from J Thomas Home and usually arrive within 3-4 days of shipping. Shipping may not be combined with items shipping from Ava Berry Lane.