About ABL


Ava Berry Lane was started on my back porch, with one old circular saw and high hopes for my young-married home.  With lofty expectations and a budget of approximately $0, I enjoyed shopping for/designing my ideal pieces for different walls and spaces in our home and then figuring out how to make them myself.

In 2014 I started selling some of the things I was making to family and friends as they would request them and eventually made an official Facebook page.  I'm pretty sure I had about 100 followers there and was making maybe one custom piece a week and living the DREAM.  I never thought it would be more than that but I surprised myself with my aspirations to keep it growing as much as it could.

I started an Instagram page and began following and interacting with other creatives who were doing the same thing I was doing.  I was in awe of those who had managed to make a full time job of this hobby but not once did I think that someday I'd be among them.  

I continued building relationships with other makers and decorators and faithfully posting photos of the things I was making for my own home.  In January 2015 I built the very first monogram after dreaming up the idea and asking my husband for a jigsaw for Christmas--a simple reclaimed wood D for our front porch.  I posted a couple of photos and started getting consistent requests for them from my meager number of followers.  In April of that year I was contacted by a well established decor enthusiast who saw my monograms on Instagram and offered to host a giveaway for one of my monograms on her page.  I made her a custom piece and during the giveaway I gained over 1000 followers within a couple of days.  From there business exploded, orders were rolling in and the line got longer and longer.

Eventually I made the scary switch to close custom orders and just sell pre-constructed rounds in order to increase the number of rounds I could offer each month.  Thankfully people kept buying what I was making and with each photo of a new round that I posted, my following grew.

Fast forward almost 2 years and 2000 orders later, I am a full-time, work-from-home mom of two, making it work out of her little garage in the Arizona heat!  I am so humbled and inspired by the community of supportive makers and customers who have encouraged me through this whole journey.  I firmly believe it is not in my own strength that this came to be and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to help others love their homes well, inspire other creatives and build a business that I'm truly passionate about!